Open Sources Contributions

I have been contributing to open source projects on github for a while. I have also contributed a bit to open source hardware by designing boards and circuits for the Electronics Club, IIT Bombay. I am currently actively contributing to kivy.

I also have a list of my own open source projects which I am maintaining:

  • Fast Playlist
    A webapp to create and play youtube playlists in a lightning fast way. It is aimed toward making listening to songs on youtube as easy as pi. It is hosted here
  • Image Progress Bar
    Android library for using custom images as progress bars. Had initially designed it for use in the IIT Bombay TechFest 2015 Android App, after which I moved it to my own repository.
  • EasyFill
    Android application along with a server side app to ease out the process of event registrations in IIT Bombay. The clubs on cmpus hold a lot of events ranging from small to large-scale, where they require that attendees register with the club for further updates. This android app makes it a one click job to register at such an event.
  • 3dwite
    Put me in an overnight train with no internet and a laptop with a fully charged battery and you get this. Write in a 3D font in the terminal! Its basically a custom designed 3D font using ascii characters and a python script which uses that to write text. Check the README on the github repo, or this page’s source if you want to see an example :D
  • XLR8 Remote Control
    This is a blutooth remote control for a differential drive robot. I implemented it with help of other Electronics Club, IITB members for participants of a college competition. Requires an android app, and an avr circuit to interface with the HC-05. Read more details on this blog.